Trusted Marketplace for the Recycling Industry

Eco Bloc strives to create trust and transparency in the recycling industry using Blockchain technology to create a greener circular economy.

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Product Features


Search By Geography

Easy to search locally, regionally, or nationally for recyclers, manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers of recycled materials based on the specifications your company requires.

Track Orders

Track your materials and orders in real-time to know where in the process it is at any time. Also, receive notifications as there are updates in the shipping process.



Verified Suppliers and Buyers

All users on the platform are verified to provide trust on the platform. All transactions are backed by Blockchain technology so you can always trust the data throughout the process.

Benefits of Eco Bloc


Reduced Risk

Track all your material's price, shipping, and specifications in real-time for increased accountability and quality assurance.


Fluid Communication

Updates and automatic notifications with our internal messaging system that allows for increased visibility in pricing and specifications with direct communication.



Track your material's shipping status in real-time for improved supply-chain management processes and to be sure where and when your materials will arrive.


Cost and Price Optimization

Provides the ability for you to identify new and trusted suppliers or buyers with accurate information leading to new opportunities.

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